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Vicki Babbert is a paralegal for several practice groups at Ice Miller. She assists attorneys in the management of complex and commercial business, environmental and construction cases; identifies electronic sources for collection of electronic discovery from clients; coordinates collection of electronic files; analyzes the nature and volume of data to be collected; and determines the platform that will be utilized for review of the data in the discovery process.

Vicki assists in coordinating and preparing responses to discovery requests, coordinates service of subpoenas and gathering and reviewing information from the other side.

In addition, Vicki reviews documents and electronic files produced in response to subpoena duces tecum or requests for production and identifies key documents relevant to the issues of the litigation; researches deposition testimony or document database for relevant documents to assist in preparation for witness depositions; identifies and organizes deposition exhibits; summarizes or indexes witness depositions; and assists attorneys in preparation for trial.

At trial, she assists in the presentation of electronic exhibits, assists in tracking of trial exhibits, coordinates witness appearances and serves as a key contact with court personnel in the logistics of the trial process.

Vicki has experienced the evolution of the litigation discovery process from the sorting of paper into issue files to the utilization of key word searches and concept analysis of electronically stored information (ESI).

Years of Experience with Paper Discovery
Vicki assisted a litigation team of private and governmental attorneys in a complex construction case involving the construction of a public hospital, which resulted in the production of several hundred thousand pages of hard copy files and 50 depositions. Through the use of litigation support software Babbert and the team were able to aggressively support a discovery schedule involving depositions scheduled in various locations and many on the same day.

Devising New Techniques for ESI
She also assisted in the coordination of reviewing 124 gigabytes of electronic data and emails produced in arbitration involving the construction of a complex manufacturing plant. The resulting document page count totaled more than 1 million pages. Vicki efficiently identified key documents to be used at discovery depositions and then presented the exhibits and graphics in electronic format to the arbitration panel.

Foreign Language ESI Collection
Vicki analyzed proposals from ESI vendors for the collection and processing of an ESI project involving Japanese and English language files and documents and then provided a comparative cost analysis to the litigation team and client. She was the contact with the selected vendor's project manager for the project. In addition, Vicki managed the Japanese and English document review team to ensure that the document production protocol was followed and the production deadline required by the requesting party was met.

Vicki Babbert is not licensed to practice law in any state and does not provide legal services.

Speaking Engagements
  • "Succeeding at Trial," A Paralegal's Guide: Trial Preparation from Start to Finish, Columbus, Ohio, April 12, 2013
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