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Our clients are:
Public and private businesses and individuals from all over the world; private equity and venture capital funds of all types; banks and other debt providers; angel and high net-worth investors; entrepreneurs; broker dealers, investment advisers and family offices; governmental and quasi-governmental entities and utilities; public and private pension plans, foundations and endowments; insurance companies, Colleges and universities; sports leagues and teams; athletes and entertainers. 

Our clients build:  
Great management teams; economic value and brand excellence; great places to work; public-private partnerships; growth through acquisitions and investments; disruptive technology and intellectual property; superior risk adjusted returns; industry leading products and services.

Our clients expect:
Dedicated professionals who share their vision and focus; market and industry knowledge; subject matter expertise; custom tailored, cost-effective solutions; accessibility, responsiveness and outstanding client service. 

Our role: 
Ice Miller business attorneys assist clients in achieving their goals in all types of transactions, financings, entity formations, fund formations and operations and general corporate, contract and business needs.  We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

Representative Clients

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Name Position Phone Email
Anthony P. Aaron Partner 317-236-2484
Fitzgerald Angrand Associate 212-824-4962
James B. Banister Associate 317-236-5812
Richard A. Barnhart Managing Partner 614-462-2246
Samuel W. Beavers Associate 614-462-1134
Christopher A. Bordoni Partner 212-824-4956
Edward Braum Partner 614-462-1098
Elizabeth T. Brier Associate 317-236-2261
J. C. Brown Of Counsel 312-726-6264
Adam Calisoff Partner 312-726-2505
Kristine M. Camron Partner 317-236-5948
Timothy J. Capen Partner 317-236-2425
Joshua L. Christie Partner 317-236-5802
Daniel G. Coman Partner 630-955-4257
Stephen B. Cornelius Associate 317-236-2143
Kris M. Dawley Partner 614-462-2290
John Dillon IV (Jack) Associate 317-236-2410
Dustin S. DuBois Partner 317-236-2251
Stephen B. Edwards Partner 614-462-1108
Margaret R. Emmert Of Counsel 317-236-2169
Sherry A. Fabina-Abney Partner 317-236-2446
Roberto Falconi Associate 317-236-2215
Jennifer M. Frasier Of Counsel 317-236-2279
Frank Garrett Associate 317-236-2113
Harry L. Gonso Partner 317-236-2325
Eric I. Goodman Partner 317-236-5804
Stephen J. Hackman Partner 317-236-2289
David H. Hight Partner 630-955-5821
Frank A. Hoffman Partner 317-236-2340
Jeff Hokanson Senior Counsel 317-236-2236
Paul Huddle Associate 317-236-2104
Steven K. Humke Chief Managing Partner 317-236-2394
Michelle Jensen Associate 212-824-4943
Josef Keglewitsch Partner 614-462-2279
Thomas Kesoglou Partner 212-824-0012
Dean J. Leffelman Partner 630-955-6390
Von Lovan Associate 317-236-2496
Kristen Maiorino Associate 614-462-1050
Todd A. Matras Of Counsel 212-824-4964
Christopher McCleary Associate 630-955-4268
Ryan Metzing Of Counsel and Director of Aerospace & Defense Services 317-236-2290
Chris Michael Associate 614-462-1148
Laurie Miller Partner 630-955-6398
Michael E. Millikan Partner 317-236-5965
Thomas A. Pampush Partner 614-462-5041
Shawn Peterson Senior Counsel 317-236-2185
Jeffrey R. Platt Of Counsel 630-955-4280
Megan Ryther Associate 317-236-2305
Craig Samuel Associate 614-462-1051
Audrey J. Schricker Associate 614-462-1079
Myra C. Selby Partner 317-236-5903
Matt Servies Partner 317-236-5849
Brent Showalter Partner 317-236-2469
Emily Storm-Smith Associate 317-236-2224
James Smolik Associate 614-462-2229
Scott Snively Partner 317-236-2375
Dale Stackhouse Partner 317-236-2401
Taryn E. Stone Partner 317-236-5872
Chase A. Stuart Partner 212-824-0013
Meghann C.T. Supino Associate 317-236-2107
John R. Thornburgh Partner 317-236-2405
Richard J. Thrapp Partner 317-236-2442
Nancy Brigner Waite Of Counsel 614-462-5015
Rob Ward Associate 614-462-1085
Kevin C. Woodhouse Partner 317-236-2154
Mario Alvarez Paralegal 317-236-2378
Marita Clarke Paralegal 317-236-5847
Lisa Samblanet Paralegal 614-462-1045
Krisi Swafford Paralegal 630-955-5830
Hannah Weaver Paralegal 317-236-2373
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