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Mergers and Acquisitions

In order to get a transaction done today you need legal counsel that understands your business and industry and that will provide interdisciplinary knowledge and focus in an effective manner.  

We provide comprehensive legal services for transactions involving all aspects of buying, selling and combining businesses and entities, including related equity, debt and mezzanine financings.  Our clients are strategic buyers and sellers and financial buyers and sellers, including private equity funds, as well as not-for-profit organizations and governmental authorities.  

Ice Miller is one of the most experienced and recognized firms in the United States in structuring, negotiating and documenting business transactions, including cross-border transactions.  A number of our lawyers have been recognized for their accomplishments in this arena, including high rankings by Chambers USA, US Legal 500, Best Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell.  
We regularly serve as lead counsel for a variety of business transactions, including:  
  • Acquisitions and sales of public and private companies (and distressed businesses)
  • Auctions
  • Division and product/service line acquisitions and sales
  • Management and other leveraged buy-outs
  • Taxable and tax-free reorganizations
  • Joint Ventures, partnerships and alliances
  • Tender Offers and Proxy Fights

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Name Position Phone Email
Anthony P. Aaron Partner 317-236-2484
Richard A. Barnhart Partner 614-462-2246
Jason Berne Partner 312-726-2586
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Edward Braum Partner 614-462-1098
Adam Calisoff Partner 312-726-2505
Kristine M. Camron Partner 317-236-5948
Timothy J. Capen Partner 317-236-2425
Guillermo Christensen Partner 202-572-1609
Joshua L. Christie Partner 317-236-5802
Daniel G. Coman Partner 630-955-4257
Kris M. Dawley Partner 614-462-2290
Dustin S. DuBois Partner 317-236-2251
Stephen B. Edwards Partner 614-462-1108
Sherry A. Fabina-Abney Partner 317-236-2446
Eric I. Goodman Partner 317-236-5804
Stephen J. Hackman Partner 317-236-2289
David H. Hight Partner 630-955-5821
Weihong Hsing, Ph.D. Partner 215-446-8119
Steven K. Humke Chief Managing Partner 317-236-2394
Michael S. Jordan Managing Partner 614-462-2283
Josef Keglewitsch Partner 614-462-2279
Thomas Kesoglou Partner 212-824-0012
TaeSoo Sean Kim Partner 212-824-4962
David Kolodny Partner 212-824-4966
Dean J. Leffelman Partner 630-955-6390
Chris Michael Partner 614-462-1148
Laurie Miller Partner 630-955-6398
Michael E. Millikan Partner 317-236-5965
David Nie Partner 317-236-2377
Robert R. Ouellette Partner 614-462-2242
Thomas A. Pampush Partner 614-462-5041
April Sparks Pyatt Partner 317-236-5980
Jennifer Rhodes Partner 317-236-2196
Mark J. Richards Partner 317-236-2471
Michael M. Roth Partner 630-955-6594
Kathleen Sheil Scheidt Partner 312-726-2541
Myra C. Selby Partner 317-236-5903
Matt Servies Partner 317-236-5849
Brent Showalter Partner 317-236-2469
Scott Snively Partner 317-236-2375
Dale Stackhouse Partner 317-236-2401
Taryn E. Stone Partner 317-236-5872
Chase A. Stuart Partner 212-824-0013
John R. Thornburgh Partner 317-236-2405
Richard J. Thrapp Partner 317-236-2442
Jason M. Torf Partner 312-726-6244
Thomas A. Walsh Partner 317-236-5946
Kevin C. Woodhouse Partner 317-236-2154
Margaret R. Emmert Of Counsel 317-236-2169
Jennifer M. Frasier Of Counsel 317-236-2279
Jonathan D. Groff Of Counsel 317-236-5803
Amir Ovcina Of Counsel 312-726-2564
Amanda Redick Of Counsel 317-236-2398
Nancy Brigner Waite Of Counsel 614-462-5015
Samuel W. Beavers Associate 614-462-1134
Dann Bruno Associate 614-462-5057
Kevin Burns Associate 317-221-2880
Daniel Drobnick Associate 614-462-1115
Jennifer Duman Associate 614-462-1062
Roberto Falconi Associate 317-236-2215
Vanja Galligan Associate 312-726-2589
Kyle Gaughan Associate 312-726-6252
Brendan Gibson Associate 212-835-6307
Moein Khawaja Associate 317-236-2189
Von Lovan Associate 317-236-2496
Onica Matsika Associate 312-726-2593
Christopher McCleary Associate 630-955-4268
Benjamin Oster Associate 614-462-1116
Samuel Raboy Associate 212-835-6318
Megan Ryther Associate 317-236-2305
Evan Sarosi Associate 614-462-2223
Audrey J. Schricker Associate 614-462-1079
Mario Alvarez Paralegal 317-236-2378
Dilhara Gunaratna Paralegal 317-221-2875
Lisa Samblanet Paralegal 614-462-1045
Marita Clarke Practice Group Director 317-236-5847
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