Employment litigation has expanded with discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower and other employment-related lawsuits.

Ice Miller’s experience handling these matters has also grown. From the simple defense of a workers’ compensation claim to the defense of sophisticated class action claims brought by agencies or private individuals – Ice Miller has done it and can bring that experience to bear on whatever employment related dispute may be facing an employer. More importantly, our lawyers are not just “litigators” who never actually go to court.  Our lawyers are trial lawyers who can effectively try cases before juries when necessary.  

Representative Clients

  • Arlon
  • McDonald's Corporation

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Name Position Phone Email
Wayne O. Adams III Partner 317-236-2117
Adam Arceneaux Partner 317-236-2137
William J. Barath Partner 614-462-2311
Paul L. Bittner Partner 614-462-2228
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Michael H. Boldt Of Counsel 317-236-2327
Jenifer M. Brown Partner 317-236-2242
Charles Ellis Bush II Associate 317-236-5814
David J. Carr Partner 317-236-5840
Nicholas A. Casto Associate 312-726-8105
Angela M. Courtwright Of Counsel 614-462-1084
Corey V. Crognale Partner 614-462-2281
James E. Davidson Partner 614-462-2286
Tami A. Earnhart Partner 317-236-2235
Kayla Ernst Associate 317-236-2411
Mark Wilson Ford Partner 317-236-2366
George A. Gasper Partner 317-236-2275
Jeremy M. Grayem Partner 614-462-2284
Maureen A. Maffei Of Counsel 630-955-4279
Amanda Martinsek Partner 216-394-5089
Jennifer M. McDaniel Of Counsel 614-462-5009
Eileen P.H. Moore Senior Counsel 317-236-2260
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Paul H. Sinclair Partner 317-236-2176
Richard A. Smikle Partner 317-236-2400
Justin P. Spack Associate 317-236-2495
Catherine Strauss Of Counsel 614-462-1069
Meghann C.T. Supino Associate 317-236-2107
Paul C. Sweeney Senior Counsel 317-236-5894
Michael L. Tooley Partner 317-236-2118
Felix C. Wade Partner 614-462-2276
Robert D. Weisman Senior Counsel 614-462-2239
Germaine Winnick Willett Senior Counsel 317-236-5993
Kevin C. Woodhouse Partner 317-236-2154
Michael A. Wukmer Partner 317-236-2439
Vicki E. Babbert Paralegal 614-462-4925
Lynn E. Cory Paralegal 614-462-5031
Pamela J. Heath Paralegal 317-236-5855
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