Health Care Finance

Ice Miller has a national reputation in health care finance that is based on the depth of our experience, the versatility and creativity of our attorneys and the well-established relationship we have with our long-standing clients.

The Firm is well suited to represent any party to a financing, but we most frequently serve as bond counsel or underwriter’s counsel on financings for hospitals and health systems.  We take a collaborative and team-oriented approach in assisting with all types and aspects of transactions including:

  • Refundings and New Money Projects
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Financings
  • Bank Loans & Direct Purchases
  • Securities & Disclosure Matters
  • Interest Rate Swaps & Novations
  • Intercompany Loans and Guarantees
  • Mergers, Reorganizations and Dispositions of Assets
  • Taxable & Tax-exempt Obligations

Our exceptional services extend beyond the closing of the transaction providing counsel on post-issuance matters that include, but are not limited to, arbitrage rebate compliance, review of Schedule K to the Form 990, credit and liquidity facility extensions and replacements, post-issuance compliance best practices, document amendments, remediations and IRS audits.  We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, high-quality advice and counsel at a reasonable cost.


Representative Experience

  • Bond Counsel to the restructuring of Indiana University Health's portfolio involving 19 series of fixed rate, variable rate and direct purchased bonds totaling over $500,000,000 in the aggregate principal amount and related swap novations  having combined notional amounts of 2,000,000,0000
  • Bond Counsel to Parkview Health System's financing and refinancing of its health facilities in an aggregate principal amount totalling over $500,000,000
  • Bond Counsel to the affiliation of several county hospitals and nonprofit health systems
  • Underwriter's counsel to Ohio Health Corporation's fixed rate bond issue and establishment of a commercial paper program
  • Bond Counsel to county hospitals' financings of new facilities with the proceeds of a USDA Rural Development Loans
  • Bond Counsel to Community Health Network's affiliation with Community Howard Regional Health and the subsequent the amendment and restatement of Community's master trust indenture securing a variety of master noteholders including providers of letters of credit, interest rate swaps, revolving lines of credit as well as fixed rate bondholders
  • Bond Counsel to Franciscan Alliance's refinancing or conversion of its portfolio of auction rate securities and subsequent credit facility extensions and replacements


Name Position Phone Email
Brenda S. Horn Partner 317-236-2370
Ben Kitto Associate 614-462-1056
Michael J. Melliere Partner 614-462-2232
David Nie Partner 317-236-2377
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