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Workplace Solutions - Labor, Employment and Immigration

Many law firms advertise that they provide labor and employment advice, and it can be difficult to identify one firm’s actual strengths over another’s. 

From the beginning of our law firm, Ice Miller has a tradition of strong labor and employment lawyers who work with both public and private employers as they deal with government agencies, individual employee issues or unionized workforces.

At Ice Miller, the labor and employment lawyers in our Workplace Solutions Group are focused on helping our clients create better workplaces. In achieving that goal, we understand what employers really need from their labor and employment counsel:

  • Practical real-world advice about solving problems that can expose employers to lawsuits or other claims;
  • Uncomplicated ways to comply with the complex and ever-changing laws governing the workplace;
  • Creative and collaborative relationships with long-term clients to meet their business goals and internal expectations;
  • Strong, cost-effective advocacy; and
  • The depth and skill to go the distance when disputes cannot be resolved on the front end, whether those disputes end up in complicated employment litigation or in a union organizing drive.

We don't start a relationship by telling a client what it needs from us, or what it must do; instead, we ask what the client wants from its lawyers, and what it wants to do. With our collective experience and determination on behalf of our clients, Ice Miller's labor and employment team provides the highest level of sophistication in the labor and employment law practice combined with the practical real-world needs of employers across the United States and abroad.
Watch our build a better workplace video here.

When you work with an Ice Miller lawyer, you can be assured that you won’t hear what you “can’t” do. Rather, we listen to your needs and find solutions to help you do what you want to do, while at the same time, evaluating your risks in the workplace. We assess compliance and safety issues before they become serious and effectively defend them if a claim or lawsuit is filed.

Unlike firms limited to labor-law only, we also enjoy the depth of a full-service law firm and the tremendous resources available to our labor and employment law clients that firms without these resources cannot provide. 

Employment compliance and decisions regarding difficult employment matters can be challenging. At Ice Miller, our belief is that the needs of the employer and its employees can never be sacrificed for a “you can’t do that” attitude. Your business should focus on your business, and we will keep that as our focus as well.

Our Firm's guiding principle is that the surest way to avoid the costs and aggravations of workplace disputes resulting in employment lawsuits or union organizing drives is to ensure those disputes do not arise in the first place.

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Name Position Phone Email
Paul L. Bittner Partner 614-462-2228
Emmanuel V.R. Boulukos Partner 317-236-2233
Charles Ellis Bush II Partner 317-236-5814
David J. Carr Partner 317-236-5840
Tami A. Earnhart Partner 317-236-2235
Jennifer Jackman Partner 202-888-2333
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Ken Robinson Partner 614-462-2280
Paul H. Sinclair Partner 317-236-2176
Catherine Strauss Office Managing Partner 614-462-1069
Michael L. Tooley Partner 317-236-2118
William J. Barath Senior Counsel 614-462-2311
Angela M. Courtwright Senior Counsel 614-462-1084
James E. Davidson Trial Counsel 614-462-2286
Maureen A. Maffei Of Counsel 630-955-4279
Jennifer M. McDaniel Of Counsel 614-462-5009
Ann H. Stewart Senior Counsel 317-236-2180
Paul C. Sweeney Senior Counsel 317-236-5894
Germaine Winnick Willett Senior Counsel 317-236-5993
Abigail Barr Associate 614-462-1077
Radha Desai Associate 614-462-2291
Kayla Ernst Associate 317-236-2411
Amy Flowers Associate 614-462-5022
Phillip Jones Associate 317-236-2423
Masallay Komrabai-Kanu Associate 614-462-1115
Rachel Mattingly Phillips Associate 317-236-2351
Hannah Oates Associate 317-221-2807
Sara Sams Associate 614-462-2223
Marisa Bartlette Willis Labor & Employment Attorney 614-462-2323
Agnes Stucke Labor & Employment Attorney 614-462-1139
Dayna Boes Paralegal 614-462-1100
Diane Clancey Paralegal 317-236-2125
Lynn E. Cory Paralegal 614-462-5031
M. Brenda Darnell Paralegal 317-221-2837
Hayden Hayes Paralegal 614-462-2284
Melissa Miller Paralegal 614-462-1047
Amber Weatherford Practice Group Director 317-236-2434
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