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It’s about more than winning. It’s about finding solutions and protecting what you’ve built.

Ice Miller attorneys have extensive experience in all levels of state and federal courts, as well as mediation and arbitration in front of various state and federal agencies. We represent individuals, companies large and small, and state and municipal organizations in complex matters every day. We do all of this while working with our clients to gain a deep understanding of what it took for them to get here and the customers, employees, and families they want to protect.

Ice Miller is focused on more than just winning cases. We believe we can best meet your needs by planning for, and ideally avoiding, the challenges that are coming down the road. That includes not only shaping a litigation strategy to fit your desired outcome in a particular case but also providing the necessary information and guidance to place you in the best possible position in the future. We understand the expense and uncertainty that comes with litigation, and we are constantly working to find solutions that best serve our clients’ interests. Our integrated and flexible practice structure allows us to gather experience from our diverse array of practice groups and attorneys with one goal, getting the best possible results for our clients.

Representative Clients

Representative Experience

  • General Contractor Arbitration (April 2009) – Represented general contractor in 30 ­day arbitration seeking payment for construction of large production facility. Client won over $10 Million, almost 100 percent of claim, including arbitration costs and attorney fees and defeated owner’s considerably larger counterclaim claim for alleged construction and design deficiencies.
  • Board of County Commissioners, Fairfield County, Ohio v. Hessler, et al. (June 2008) – Represented Board of County Commissioners of Fairfield County, Ohio. Obtained appellate court’s approval of trial court verdict after three­ day trial upholding the authority of the Board to order residents to connect to a newly ­constructed public sewer system. 5th Dist. June 30, 2008), Case No. 2007 CA00028.
  • Elastizell Systems, Inc. v. CNA Insurance Companies (2004) –  Obtained a settlement of over $650,000 in insurance coverage dispute on behalf of flooring contractor in claims for breach of insurance policy and bad faith. Case No. 01­6412, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Universal Contracting Corporation v. Preserving Affordable Housing, Inc. and PAH, Ltd. (July 2000) – Engaged as special construction counsel on behalf of general and subcontractors and obtained damage award of $4.3 million in AAA arbitration. Arbitration Case No.110­00070­99.

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Name Position Phone Email
Anthony P. Aaron Partner 317-236-2484
Mark R. Alson Partner 317-236-2263
Katherine D. Althoff Partner 317-236-5924
Adam Arceneaux Partner 317-236-2137
Reena R. Bajowala Partner 312-726-6220
Holiday W. Banta Partner 317-236-5882
William J. Barath Partner 614-462-2311
Timothy Belevetz Partner 202-572-1605
Paul L. Bittner Partner 614-462-2228
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Emmanuel V.R. Boulukos Partner 317-236-2233
John David Burke Partner 312-726-8148
David J. Carr Partner 317-236-5840
Nicholas A. Casto Partner 312-726-8105
Guillermo Christensen Partner 202-572-1609
Isaac J. Colunga Partner 312-726-7157
Phillip Coover Partner 312-726-6270
Brian C. Crist Partner 317-236-5997
Tyson A. Crist Partner 614-462-2243
Terri A. Czajka Partner 317-236-2262
James E. Davidson Partner 614-462-2286
Kris M. Dawley Partner 614-462-2290
Thomas W. Dimond Partner 312-726-7125
Tami A. Earnhart Partner 317-236-2235
Sherry A. Fabina-Abney Partner 317-236-2446
Amy K. Fisher Partner 317-236-5842
Matthew L. Fornshell Partner 614-462-1061
Steven D. Forry Partner 614-462-2254
Christina Laun Fugate Partner 317-236-2374
George A. Gasper Partner 317-236-2275
Weihong Hsing, Ph.D. Partner 215-446-8119
Brent W. Huber Partner 317-236-5942
G. Daniel Kelley, Jr. Partner 317-236-2230
Alice A. Kelly Partner 312-726-8128
Justin E. Klein Partner 212-824-4973
Kevin R. Knight Partner 317-236-5828
Angela P. Krahulik Partner 317-236-5991
Mary Nold Larimore Partner 317-236-2407
T. Earl LeVere Partner 614-462-1095
Diane Menashe Partner, Director of Litigation Training & Pro Bono Activities 614-221-6500
Kimberly C. Metzger Partner 317-236-2296
Drew J. Miroff Partner 317-236-2267
Thomas E. Mixdorf Partner 317-236-5832
Derek R. Molter Partner 317-236-2193
Eileen P.H. Moore Partner 317-236-2260
Bart T. Murphy Partner 630-955-6392
Judy S. Okenfuss Managing Partner 317-236-2115
Kay Pashos Partner 317-236-2208
Daniel Polatsek Partner 312-726-6245
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Nicholas Reuhs Partner 317-236-2160
Stephen E. Reynolds Partner 317-236-2391
Hansel H. Rhee Partner 614-462-2278
Mark J. Richards Partner 317-236-2471
Carolyn E. Riggs Partner 317-236-2388
Michael M. Roth Partner 630-955-6594
Robert J. Schillerstrom Partner 630-955-6598
Tara Schulstad Sciscoe Partner 317-236-5888
Rebecca J. Seamands Partner 317-236-5889
Myra C. Selby Partner 317-236-5903
Paul H. Sinclair Partner 317-236-2176
Eric L. Singer Partner 630-955-5826
Richard A. Smikle Partner 317-236-2400
Freedom S.N. Smith Partner 317-236-5893
Donald M. Snemis Partner 317-236-2341
Alan G. Starkoff Partner 614-462-4938
Justin Steffen Partner 312-726-7147
Catherine Strauss Partner 614-462-1069
Meghann C.T. Supino Partner 317-236-2107
Daniel R. Swetnam Partner 614-462-2225
Michael L. Tooley Partner 317-236-2118
Jason M. Torf Partner 312-726-6244
Michael A. Wukmer Partner 317-236-2439
Wayne O. Adams III Senior Counsel 317-236-2117
Daniel M. Anderson Senior Counsel 614-462-5013
Thomas Bousnakis Of Counsel 212-835-6310
Jenny R. Buchheit Senior Counsel 317-236-2295
James Burns Senior Counsel 317-236-2332
John A. Camp Of Counsel 305-341-9055
Angela M. Courtwright Of Counsel 614-462-1084
Gary J. Dankert Senior Counsel 317-236-2203
Angela Della Rocco Of Counsel 317-236-2123
Patrick A. Devine Senior Counsel 614-462-2238
Roger A. Gilcrest Senior Counsel 614-462-1055
John P. Gilligan Trial Counsel 614-462-2221
Brian J. Lum, Ph.D. Senior Counsel 312-726-8129
Heather L. Maly Of Counsel 312-726-8107
Jennifer M. McDaniel Of Counsel 614-462-5009
Eric McKeown Of Counsel 317-236-2124
John T. Murphy Of Counsel 317-236-2292
Jeffrey R. Platt Of Counsel 630-955-4280
Ann H. Stewart Senior Counsel 317-236-2180
Paul C. Sweeney Senior Counsel 317-236-5894
Nathaniel M. Uhl Senior Counsel 317-236-2383
Philip A. Whistler Senior Counsel 317-236-2349
Germaine Winnick Willett Senior Counsel 317-236-5993
Adam M. Alexander Associate 317-236-5932
Teo Belli Associate 312-726-7313
Amy Berg Associate 317-236-2247
Siddharth Bose Associate 317-236-2243
Paul Brunkhorst Associate 312-726-7372
Mason Clark Associate 317-236-5927
Kristina Dahmann Associate 614-462-2220
Jessa DeGroote Associate 317-236-2356
Ryanne Bush Dent Associate 630-955-6123
Sean Dewey Associate 317-236-2198
Allyson Emley Associate 317-236-2368
Kyle Finnegan Associate 312-726-8130
Samuel Gardner Associate 317-236-2234
Joseph Guenther Associate 614-462-1063
Audrey Howard Associate 317-236-2168
Louie Jorczak Associate 317-236-2343
Tiffany Kim Associate 317-236-5931
Ellen Pactor Associate 317-221-2828
Simone Park Associate 212-835-6302
Michael D. Pisano Associate 630-955-4294
Alexandria Hanauer Pittman Associate 317-236-2153
Roya Porter Associate 317-236-2479
Lydia Reback Associate 614-462-5018
Cameron Ritsema Associate 317-236-2420
Christian Robertson Associate 202-807-4021
Rachel Spiker Associate 614-462-2294
Kishala Srivastava Associate 614-462-5040
Sarah Sweet Associate 317-236-2177
Calvin Townsend Associate 312-726-8173
Kelsey Weyhing Associate 312-726-7156
Meredith Wood Associate 317-236-2187
Nicole R. Woods Associate 614-462-2319
Adam D. Zacher Associate 317-236-2429
Laure Flaniken Staff Attorney 317-236-2329
John Acquaviva Paralegal 212-835-6324
Terron Anderson Paralegal 317-236-2351
Vicki E. Babbert Paralegal 614-462-4925
Beth E. Barranger Paralegal 317-236-5933
Lynn E. Cory Paralegal 614-462-5031
Shelby Etcheson Paralegal 317-236-5826
Briana Fox Paralegal 317-236-2127
Julia A. Hawkins, R.N. Legal Nurse Consultant 317-236-2165
Carol B. Hibler Paralegal 317-236-2416
Ruth Jackson Legal Nurse Consultant 317-221-2852
Kimberly D. Jeffers Paralegal 317-236-2114
Wendy Joris Paralegal 317-236-2171
Rebecca Klinger Paralegal 317-236-2212
Esther Rocco Paralegal 786-582-3028
Ellary Small Paralegal 317-236-2131
Julie Whitney Paralegal 614-462-1076
Marlena Woods Paralegal 317-236-5937
Laurie Mittenthal Practice Group Director 202-807-4011
Amy Flowers Practice Attorney 614-462-5022
Anne Roebel Practice Attorney 317-236-2205
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