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You need the experience of professionals who know the law and something more – your business. How it works and what it needs to succeed. We have the resource depth and diversity to take on a problem you're facing and bring it to resolution.

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Representative Experience

  • General Contractor Arbitration (April 2009) – Represented general contractor in 30­day arbitration seeking payment for construction of large production facility. Client won over $10 Million, almost 100 percent of claim, including arbitration costs and attorney fees and defeated owner’s considerably larger counterclaim claim for alleged construction and design deficiencies.
  • Board of County Commissioners, Fairfield County, Ohio v. Hessler, et al. (June 2008) – Represented Board of County Commissioners of Fairfield County, Ohio. Obtained appellate court’s approval of trial court verdict after three­day trial upholding the authority of the Board to order residents to connect to a newly­constructed public sewer system. 5th Dist. June 30, 2008), Case No. 2007 CA00028.
  • Elastizell Systems, Inc. v. CNA Insurance Companies (2004) –  Obtained a settlement of over $650,000 in insurance coverage dispute on behalf of flooring contractor in claims for breach of insurance policy and bad faith. Case No. 01­6412, Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Universal Contracting Corporation v. Preserving Affordable Housing, Inc. and PAH, Ltd. (July 2000) – Engaged as special construction counsel on behalf of general and subcontractors and obtained damage award of $4.3 million in AAA arbitration. Arbitration Case No.110­00070­99.

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Anthony P. Aaron Partner 317-236-2484
Wayne O. Adams III Partner 317-236-2117
Kevin M. Alerding Partner 317-236-2415
Mark R. Alson Partner 317-236-2263
Katherine D. Althoff Partner 317-236-5924
Daniel M. Anderson Of Counsel 614-462-5013
Adam Arceneaux Partner 317-236-2137
Holiday W. Banta Partner 317-236-5882
William J. Barath Partner 614-462-2311
Amy Berg Associate 317-236-2247
Paul L. Bittner Partner 614-462-2228
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Michael H. Boldt Of Counsel 317-236-2327
Siddharth Bose Associate 317-236-2243
Emmanuel V.R. Boulukos Partner 317-236-2233
Jenny R. Buchheit Partner 317-236-2295
John David Burke Managing Partner 312-726-8148
James Burns Senior Counsel 317-236-2332
John A. Camp Of Counsel 305-341-9055
David J. Carr Partner 317-236-5840
Nicholas A. Casto Associate 312-726-8105
David J. Chroust Of Counsel 630-955-6396
Robert J. Cochran Partner 614-462-2248
Isaac J. Colunga Partner 630-955-6124
Stephanie Courter Of Counsel 317-236-2358
Angela M. Courtwright Of Counsel 614-462-1084
Brian C. Crist Partner 317-236-5997
Tyson A. Crist Partner 614-462-2243
Corey V. Crognale Partner 614-462-2281
Terri A. Czajka Partner 317-236-2262
Kristina Dahmann Associate 614-462-2220
Gary J. Dankert Partner 317-236-2203
James E. Davidson Partner 614-462-2286
Kris M. Dawley Partner 614-462-2290
Ryanne Bush Dent Associate 630-955-6123
Patrick A. Devine Partner 614-462-2238
Sean Dewey Associate 317-236-2198
Thomas W. Dimond Partner 312-726-7125
Tami A. Earnhart Partner 317-236-2235
Henry A. Efroymson Partner 317-236-2397
Sherry A. Fabina-Abney Partner 317-236-2446
Amy K. Fisher Partner 317-236-5842
Laure Flaniken Staff Attorney 317-236-2329
Mark Wilson Ford Partner 317-236-2366
Matthew L. Fornshell Partner 614-462-1061
Steven D. Forry Partner 614-462-2254
Sarah L. Fowler Associate 317-236-2120
Christina Laun Fugate Partner 317-236-2374
George A. Gasper Partner 317-236-2275
M. Colette Gibbons Partner 216-394-5063
Roger A. Gilcrest Partner 614-462-1055
John P. Gilligan Partner 614-462-2221
Jeremy M. Grayem Partner 614-462-2284
Audrey Hagedorn Associate 317-236-2168
Melanie E. Harris Partner 317-236-5996
Ryan Hiler Associate 317-236-2265
Michael Hopkins Associate 312-726-8123
Brent W. Huber Partner 317-236-5942
Jodi Spencer Johnson Of Counsel 216-394-5078
Steven L. Jones Partner 317-236-2436
Louie Jorczak Associate 317-236-2343
G. Daniel Kelley, Jr. Partner 317-236-2230
Alice A. Kelly Of Counsel 312-726-8128
Kevin R. Knight Partner 317-236-5828
Angela P. Krahulik Partner 317-236-5991
Chelsea R. Kurth Associate 317-236-2248
Mary Nold Larimore Partner 317-236-2407
T. Earl LeVere Partner 614-462-1095
Michael J. Lewinski Partner 317-236-2467
Albert G. Lin Partner 614-462-2233
Brian J. Lum Senior Counsel 312-726-8129
Heather L. Maly Associate 312-726-8107
Amanda Martinsek Partner 216-394-5089
Jennifer M. McDaniel Of Counsel 614-462-5009
Eric McKeown Of Counsel 317-236-2124
Elizabeth A. McKillip Partner 630-955-6597
Nicholas R. Merker Partner 312-726-2504
Kimberly C. Metzger Partner 317-236-2296
Drew J. Miroff Partner 317-236-2267
Thomas E. Mixdorf Partner 317-236-5832
Derek R. Molter Partner 317-236-2193
Eileen P.H. Moore Senior Counsel 317-236-2260
Bart T. Murphy Partner 630-955-6392
John T. Murphy Of Counsel 317-236-2292
Anthony Nimmo Partner 312-726-8149
Martha O'Connor Associate 630-955-4254
Judy S. Okenfuss Managing Partner 317-236-2115
Kay Pashos Partner 317-236-2208
James L. Petersen Partner 317-236-2308
Michael D. Pisano Associate 630-955-4294
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Gregory W. Pottorff Associate 317-236-5963
Victoria E. Powers Partner 614-462-5010
Nicholas Reuhs Partner 317-236-2160
Stephen E. Reynolds Partner 317-236-2391
Hansel H. Rhee Partner 614-462-2278
Mark J. Richards Partner 317-236-2471
Nancy Menard Riddle Senior Counsel 317-236-2189
Carolyn E. Riggs Associate 617-692-4027
Kenneth Rock Associate 216-394-5090
Michael M. Roth Partner 630-955-6594
Phillip Ralph Scaletta Partner 317-236-2330
Robert J. Schillerstrom Partner 630-955-6598
Marc W. Sciscoe Partner 317-236-2178
Tara Schulstad Sciscoe Partner 317-236-5888
Rebecca J. Seamands Partner 317-236-5889
Myra C. Selby Partner 317-236-5903
Paul H. Sinclair Partner 317-236-2176
Eric L. Singer Partner 630-955-5826
Richard A. Smikle Partner 317-236-2400
Freedom S.N. Smith Partner 317-236-5893
Justin P. Spack Associate 317-236-2495
Alan G. Starkoff Partner 614-462-4938
Robert M. Stefancin Partner 216-394-5068
Ann H. Stewart Of Counsel 317-236-2180
Catherine Strauss Of Counsel 614-462-1069
Meghann C.T. Supino Associate 317-236-2107
Paul C. Sweeney Senior Counsel 317-236-5894
Daniel R. Swetnam Partner 614-462-2225
Michael L. Tooley Partner 317-236-2118
Nathaniel M. Uhl Senior Counsel 317-236-2383
Katherine Ungar Associate 614-462-1131
Olga Voinarevich Associate 317-236-2347
Robert D. Weisman Senior Counsel 614-462-2239
Philip A. Whistler Partner 317-236-2349
Germaine Winnick Willett Senior Counsel 317-236-5993
Bradley L. Williams Senior Counsel 317-236-2454
Nicole R. Woods Associate 614-462-2319
Michael A. Wukmer Partner 317-236-2439
Adam D. Zacher Associate 317-236-2429
Lori G. Anger Marketing and Business Development Director 614-462-1144
Vicki E. Babbert Paralegal 614-462-4925
Beth E. Barranger Paralegal 317-236-5933
Lynn E. Cory Paralegal 614-462-5031
Julia A. Hawkins, R.N. Legal Nurse Consultant 317-236-2165
Pamela J. Heath Paralegal 317-236-5855
Carol B. Hibler Paralegal 317-236-2416
Ruth Jackson Legal Nurse Consultant 317-221-2852
Kimberly D. Jeffers Paralegal 317-236-2114
Wendy Joris Paralegal 317-236-2171
Jeni Keene Paralegal 317-236-2163
Emily K. Kennedy Paralegal 317-236-5940
Marilyn Mellen Kennedy Legal Nurse Consultant 317-236-2153
Julie Whitney Paralegal 614-462-1076
Lorraine Woodard Paralegal 317-236-2477
Marlena Woods Paralegal 317-236-5937
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