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A long tradition of serving as bond counsel

There are very few law firms across the country that have served as bond counsel for over a century and still dedicate a significant portion of their practices to public and municipal finance. Ice Miller is one of those firms. Simply put, that means that we have lawyers who understand not only the complex issues that arise in dealing with government finance, but also work daily with government officials, elected bodies, other professionals serving government at every level and in every forum imaginable. We understand the challenges facing governments and their respective constituents, and we bring all of our resources to bear in helping them find the best solutions. 

There also are few law firms across the country that have the depth and breadth across the public finance landscape we do. Regardless of the size of the borrowing or the sophistication of the issuer, we bring our vast knowledge, experience and first rate client service to the table to assist in a financing. We have more lawyers specifically focused on public finance than any other firm in Indiana and most firms in the Midwest. Not only does Ice Miller provide services in all of the roles (bond, underwriters, issuer, disclosure counsel etc.) in which a government finance attorney might serve, it also provides those services in every substantive area. 

In our attempt to understand the business of our clients, we always recognize it is incredibly important to those clients that we be just as responsive as those who serve the public. Therefore, we make every effort to respond to inquiries promptly. Because we provide a breadth and depth of experience across the public finance spectrum, we have people availableregardless of schedules or vacationto address time sensitive issues in a  courteous and effective manner.

Given the history of the Firm, we also provide many legal services to governments in a fashion that is unusual in its scope. We can literally say we have over 100 lawyers who work for governments daily. Who better than us to work on a disclosure matter regarding employee benefits when we have both nationally recognized public finance and public employee benefits practices? Who better to serve a client in a complex environmental matter when we have such depth in both redevelopment and compliance with environmental regulations? And, who better to serve a government in defending against litigation or challenging a process, project or program than a Firm with attorneys who have represented clients in almost every area governments are involved, not on a one-off basis, but throughout their careers?

While statistics are boring, to the extent they are available, they reinforce our prominence. Ice Miller is consistently rated among the top law firms in the country and the Midwest in number of bond issues approved by a national publication, approving up to 433 issues per year as bond counsel with up to $7.8 billion annually in principal amounts. Over the last decade, we have served as bond counsel on more than 3,100 issues with a total principal amount of over $55,000,000,000. 

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Monika Calamita Partner 614-462-1118
Amy M. Corsaro Partner 317-236-2174
Jane Neuhauser Herndon Partner 317-236-2437
Heather R. James Partner 317-236-2199
Tyler J. Kalachnik Partner 317-236-2116
Christopher Kashman Partner 317-236-2344
Ben Kitto Partner 614-462-1056
Lisa A. Lee Partner 317-236-2268
Erik B. Long Partner 317-236-2395
Kristin McNulty McClellan Partner 317-236-5943
Michael J. Melliere Partner 614-462-2232
Matthew Miller Partner 614-462-1050
David Nie Partner 317-236-2377
Thomas Smith Partner 312-726-8173
James M. Snyder Partner 312-726-7127
Kristopher ("Kip") Wahlers Partner 614-462-1074
Rose Gallagher Senior Counsel
Philip C. Genetos Senior Counsel 317-236-2307
Mark Huddle Senior Counsel 312-726-7146
Susan Price Of Counsel 614-462-1106
Shelly A. Scinto Of Counsel 312-726-8116
Lauren Siler Of Counsel 317-221-2984
Sarah Correll Associate 317-236-5929
Veronica Hubartt Associate 317-221-2818
Brian Magorien Associate 614-462-1099
Austin C. Root Associate 312-726-2515
Josh Winters Associate 317-236-2367
Sallie Zubek Public Finance Attorney 317-236-2264
Ambereen Alequresh Rebate Analyst 317-236-5905
Robin Baxter Paralegal 614-462-2308
Kevin Crump Rebate Analyst 317-236-5906
Kimberly Doyle Paralegal 317-221-2877
Rayna Huddleston Paralegal 317-236-2320
Caroline Lee Rebate Analyst 317-644-5672
Stephanie J. McGee Rebate Analyst 317-236-2462
Debra K. Passmore Paralegal 317-236-2144
Tona M. Wiger Paralegal 317-236-2226
Kathleen Thomas Municipal Disclosure Administrator 312-726-7159
Victoria White Practice Group Specialist 614-462-2293
Amber Weatherford Practice Group Director 317-236-2434
Samantha Duke Senior Rebate Manager 317-236-5910
Sally Johnson Senior Rebate Analyst 317-236-5907
Kristen Kalinowski Senior Rebate Analyst 317-236-5908
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