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Racial Equity Solutions

Ice Miller is committed to identifying and dismantling structural and systemic racism to promote racial equity. This includes working with our clients to create environments with national best practice solutions that promote fairness and equality. While our solutions may be national in scope, we are uniquely qualified to understand and are intimately engaged with local civic, legal and business communities. Ice Miller can mitigate corporate exposure and liability risk while providing racial equity solutions for our clients. The attorney-client relationship allows us to provide our clients with a confidential review and findings of racial equity under applicable state law. 
Equity Review and Organizational Opportunity Mapping

The Ice Miller team will examine a client's current environment to gather baseline data. Every organization is different and possesses unique strengths and areas for growth. This data-driven examination will focus on identifying and measuring any inequities in the experiences, opportunities and outcomes for the organization’s employees and vendors and consultants of color. The Ice Miller Team will then provide recommendations to operationalize racial equity strategies and best practices to mitigate barriers and to improve outcomes for diverse employees and suppliers. Areas of focus will include conducting an empirical analysis of an organization’s procedures, practices and outcomes related to:
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation Structures
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Retention / Development
  • Personnel Policies
  • Vendor and Consultant Recruitment
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Legal Action / Law Suits
  • Workplace Culture
This review and mapping can be conducted annually to track the client's progress regarding racial equity.
Leadership / Management Strategies

Based on the findings of the Equity Review and Operational Opportunity Mapping, Ice Miller may suggest Leadership / Management Strategies for the client. These strategies may include such topics as: 
  • How to think about racial equity and how to determine future goals.
  • How to determine blind spots and identify additional training opportunities.
  • How to develop an overall racial equity plan.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion strategies for leadership and board diversity.
  • Open forum discussions about race, inclusion and diversity.
  • Change management recommendations.
Ice Miller may provide access to third-party resources and vendors to offer our clients training in these areas. 
Company / Client Workshops and Training

In addition to strategies for client leadership / management, Ice Miller may suggest training for the client's entire employee base. Training and workshops may include implicit bias, understanding the social impact of race equity and building a race equity culture. Ice Miller may provide access to third-party resources and vendors to offer our clients training in relevant areas. 
Development / Implementation of Updated Company Policies / Procedures

Again, based on the findings of the Equity Review and Operational Opportunity Mapping, Ice Miller can assist clients with the development of data-driven business and policy solutions around racial equity. The team will develop and deliver a confidential written report with findings, recommendations, training models, potential vendors and strategies. The report may include items such as: 
  • Recommendations on company structure on balancing out diversity.
  • Alternatives and options for inclusion of minority vendors and contractors.
  • An accountability system for diversity policy and implementation.
  • An engagement system where employees can raise their concerns without retaliation.
  • Establishment of Employee / Associate Resource Groups.


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