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Real Estate

Ice Miller’s real estate attorneys act as “legal architects,” putting to use all of the tools in today’s regulated business environment to creatively pursue our client’s goals.

We represent developers, landlords, financial institutions and others who regularly engage in real estate transactions, as well as clients who only occasionally need our services to lease, construct, buy or sell facilities.

Our experience includes Indiana-based clients, clients from across the United States and foreign clients with real estate activities in many states. We work to bring transactions to closing as quickly as possible, while counseling our clients throughout the often complex processes and procedures.

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Name Position Phone Email
Aaron B. Aft Partner 317-236-2217
Randall S. Arndt Partner 614-462-2235
Jay Augustyn Partner 312-726-7317
Devin D. Brown Associate 317-236-5925
Margaret Isa Butler Partner 212-824-4947
Michael B. Coleman Partner and Director of Business and Government Strategies 614-462-1094
Brian C. Crist Partner 317-236-5997
Jeffery C. Dack Partner 317-236-2304
Matthew G. DeLaruelle Partner 317-236-2135
Aaron J. Dixon Partner 317-236-2206
Kevin P. Ewing Of Counsel 317-236-2111
Herbert R. Godby Of Counsel 614-462-2240
Joanne I. Goldhand Partner 614-462-1107
Gregory A. Gorospe Partner 614-462-1042
David H. Hight Partner 630-955-5821
Frank A. Hoffman Partner 317-236-2340
Steven L. Jones Partner 317-236-2436
Jeff D. Karas Associate 212-835-6331
Dean J. Leffelman Partner 630-955-6390
David Long Partner 317-236-2130
D. Kirk Marker Associate 614-462-2205
Katie J. Marschke Associate 317-236-2109
Jason A. McNiel Partner 317-236-2300
Timothy E. Ochs Partner 317-236-5952
Heather K. Olinger Senior Counsel 317-221-2960
Shawn E. Peterson Senior Counsel 317-236-2185
Marcus Phelps Associate 317-221-2831
April Sparks Pyatt Partner 317-236-5980
Marie Ragias Associate 614-462-1044
Amanda Redick Of Counsel 317-236-2398
Leslie Rogers Associate 614-462-5010
Michael M. Roth Partner 630-955-6594
Robert J. Schillerstrom Partner 630-955-6598
Blake J. Schulz Partner 317-236-2204
Eric L. Singer Partner 630-955-5826
Haley Soshnick Associate 317-236-2424
Timothy W. Sullivan Senior Counsel 317-236-2161
Scott Surovjak Associate 614-462-2236
Stephen G. Tanner Associate 614-462-1066
Mike Tirman Associate 317-236-2148
Gregory C. Touney Partner 317-236-5896
George S. Weems Partner 630-955-4296
Annie Xie Associate 317-236-2315
Barbara Bacon Paralegal 614-462-1093
LaTonya Ellis Practice Group Director 312-726-7341
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