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Union-Avoidance Training

One of the most important aspects of remaining union free is assisting supervisors at all levels of the organization in consistently adhering to the philosophy that employees are valuable contributors to the employer's success and should be treated as such.

Some information and training may appear trivial on the surface, but it is of critical importance in the quest to avoid union organization of your employees. To advance the goal of remaining union-free, we provide training on the following topics, among others:

  • Why employees turn to unions;
  • Why employers, and especially supervisors, do not want a union;
  • Role of a supervisor in staying union free;
  • Recognizing an organizing campaign;
  • Responding to a union organizing campaign;
  • Restrictions in an organizing campaign;
  • Supervisor communication skills and techniques; and,
  • Basic principles to observe to maintain discipline.

We have advised companies and trained supervisors across the country on union-avoidance. We have provided this advice and/or training to companies either headquartered in or with locations in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington and other states. Some examples of our clients with whom we have worked on union-avoidance include:

  • Liberty Healthcare;
  • Target Stores Division of Dayton-Hudson Corporation;
  • United Auto Group (Penske Honda);
  • Handy & Harman and its subsidiaries;
  • Various hospitals/healthcare systems; and
  • Various Manufacturers of Automotive Parts.


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