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White Collar Criminal Defense

Criminal litigation is nothing like civil litigation.

Government agencies are well-funded, aggressive and less influenced by the costs of litigation than are companies answerable to shareholders. The criminal process is unique and full of traps for the unwary. Clients faced with a criminal or government investigation, or who are themselves the victim of crime, need lawyers who focus their practice in criminal defense, law and trial work. Government investigations have become a fact of life even for the most reputable companies, but few realize that these investigations operate under a very different set of rules. Too often, business owners underestimate the significance of an investigator’s "routine" visit. Investigations are not contests of equals.

Informed CEOs have learned the importance of proactive compliance efforts, and they aggressively investigate internal reports of wrongdoing should those efforts break down. Ice Miller attorneys draw from experience on both sides of these controversies, and we can guide clients through the hazards of the investigative process.

We have the knowledge, skill and experience to represent businesses and individuals in criminal litigation at all levels of government. We understand how important the outcome of a criminal matter is to management, employees, shareholders, and the public. We are committed to providing our clients with skillful, discrete and cost-effective legal representation.

Ice Miller Attorneys have practical and extensive experience in a range of substantive areas, including:

  • Antitrust
  • Environmental crimes
  • Financial crimes
  • Securities law violations
  • Government procurement
  • Health care fraud and abuse
  • Qui Tam actions under the False Claims Act
  • Public corruption
  • Federal and state grand jury procedure
  • Computer crime
  • Alcohol and tobacco regulation
  • Mail, wire, and financial institutions fraud
  • Money laundering and currency structuring
  • RICO
  • Public corruption
  • Tax crimes and controversies
  • Election law violations

Representative Experience

  • Obtained dismissal of all charges brought by a state prosecutor against a physician alleging improper prescribing of buprenorphine; charges included delivery of controlled substances and Indiana’s Corrupt Business Influence (Indiana RICO) statute.
  • We represented a corporate manager charged with making false statements to state and local environmental officials about the discharge of industrial wastewater from a manufacturing facility.
  • We represent national health care drug and device manufacturers in investigations and litigation concerning Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance billing disputes.
  • We represented an environmental manager accused of falsifying reports to Ohio EPA.
  • We represent numerous health care individual providers, hospitals, practice groups and consultants in federal and state investigative matters including criminal investigations, civil monetary penalties, professional licensure, suspension of payments, and exclusion.
  • We represent educational institutions in civil and criminal litigation arising out of law enforcement activity involving students, faculty and staff.
  • We represent manufacturers and suppliers in various industries in antitrust investigations.

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