Zoning and Land Use

Ice Miller works closely with real estate developers to obtain necessary zoning and other regulatory and utility approvals.

When necessary, we consult with attorneys in other Indiana counties on state zoning and subdivision statutes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in complex and controversial zoning matters. We regularly teach on the subject of local zoning requirements and trends.

Representative Clients


Name Position Phone Email
Phillip L. Bayt Partner 317-236-2396
Alex Beatty Associate 317-236-2381
Michael B. Coleman Partner and Director of Business and Government Strategies 614-462-1094
Aaron J. Dixon Partner 317-236-2206
John R. Hammond III Partner 317-236-5807
Mark Huddle Senior Counsel 312-726-7146
Jason A. McNiel Partner 317-236-2300
Christopher L. Miller Partner 614-462-5033
Timothy E. Ochs Partner 317-236-5952
April Sparks Pyatt Partner 317-236-5980
Michael M. Roth Partner 630-955-6594
Eric L. Singer Partner 630-955-5826
Michael Tirman Associate 317-236-2148
Michael Reese Director of Public Advocacy & Business Development 614-462-2309
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