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Pro Bono Work

At Ice Miller LLP, we recognize pro bono work as one of our greatest responsibilities.

As a Firm, we collaborate with courts and non-profit organizations to provide free legal services to individuals who are economically disadvantaged. We actively seek pro bono activities that address the most vital needs of our communities while providing meaningful litigation training for our lawyers. Our legal pro bono work is of equal quality to the work we provide in our billable cases.

In December 2019, we hired Diane Menashe as Director of Litigation Training & Pro Bono Activities. Diane is a trial lawyer who has spent her career ensuring access to justice for all. While our engagement in pro bono work predates Diane’s arrival, her hiring is motivated by our desire to be more deliberative and inclusive in our pro bono activities so we can address the unmet needs in our communities with more impact. With her support, advisement and talent, we intend to do just this.
2021 Pro Bono Review
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Ice Miller's pro bono engagement in 2021 exponentially exceeded that of the previous year. The total pro bono hours for 2021 for all staff, across all offices was 10,409.15 hours. This was a 22% increase from the prior year.

This page will evolve as our involvement in pro bono work broadens with purpose. Here we will provide updated information about our new pro bono activities, list the courts and organizations with whom we work, share ways in which you can become involved and celebrate the work of our attorneys who are donating their time to provide free legal services.
What We Are Doing Now
  • Ice Miller's Semi-Annual Pro Bono Newsletter, Volume 4
  • Second Chance Driving License Reinstatement Clinic
    The Second Chance Driving License Reinstatement Clinic (“Second Chance Workshop”) was formed in 2019 by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to provide individuals with information and direction on how to take the first steps in getting their driving privileges reinstated. Along with helping individuals resolve unpaid traffic tickets, the Second Chance Workshop helps resolve suspensions related to falling behind in child support payments. In 2020, Ice Miller LLP collaborated with Eli Lilly, Cummins Corporation, Indianapolis Legal Aid Society and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to assist indigent individuals in the reinstatement of their driving licenses. For 2021, Ice Miller has committed to participating in the Second Chance Workshop on a monthly basis to continue to serve our community. The next clinics are scheduled to take place on June 22, June 24, July 21 and August 18.
  • Name and Gender Marker Change Work
    In partnership with the Indiana Legal Services, Inc. (“ILS”), Ice Miller is helping clients apply for a name and/or gender marker change in Indiana. ILS is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income residents throughout the state of Indiana. Part of the work of ILS is to identify and support persons in need of a name and/or gender marker change. The process involves an application before the Court, which is then followed by a hearing before a Magistrate Judge. Ice Miller, in an effort to provide access to justice, has volunteered its legal services to assist several clients a month in an effort to support persons throughout this process.


Name Position Phone Email
Jacqueline Lesser Partner 215-982-5165
Diane Menashe Partner 614-221-6500
Kyle Finnegan Associate 312-726-8130
Lydia Reback Associate 614-462-5018
Amy Flowers Labor & Employment Attorney 614-462-5022
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