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The New Crossroads PodcastIce Miller and Inside Indiana Business

Internet of Things Podcast

Ice Miller's Internet of Things (IoT) Industry Group and Inside Indiana Business have developed an IoT podcast focused on the latest technology and innovation at the Crossroads of America. The New Crossroads is designed to bring together industry leaders and tech innovators working to connect people and resources through the Internet of Things.

Episode 6: Educating IoT with IUPUI Professor of Practice Human-Computer Interaction Lou Lenzi

New Crossroads Episode 6On this episode, we sit down with IUPUI Professor of Practice in Human-Computer Interaction Lou Lenzi to discuss the interaction of industrial design and IoT and how we prepare and educate the workforce for these emerging technologies. 

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Highlights from this episode
"When you think about user-centered design and human-centered design, it's really wrapped around this understanding of the underlying need and that design space you're working in. So for example, if you're working in ag tech and precision ag, you really need to understand what is the farm or what are they trying to accomplish, what are their goals and objectives? And you really understand that by doing design research, going out into the field, literally doing observational research, oftentimes walking in the boots of that particular user so that you understand what they're doing, what their needs are, and then how do you translate those needs into insights that will then translate into a design solution. So that in a nutshell, we talk about user-centered design, human-centered design. That's what we're talking about.” – Lenzi

"The skill set you're looking for really is somebody who can think creatively, think critically, has a background in data analytics. We call it data science, but there are a couple of components: how do you tag that data, organize the data in a meaningful fashion, visualize the data, and then make decisions off of that data? So data science is very important. Then, you need to be able to think at a systems level.” – Lenzi

"Are there other steps that we can take to prepare the workforce for the connected world? It starts at the high school level. We firmly believe in teaching thinking skills: how you take apart a problem and how do you look at the data and understand what the data is telling you about that particular problem?” – Lenzi


Episode 5: Securing IoT with Allegion Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures Rob Martens

New Crossroads Episode 5On this episode, we sit down with Allegion Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures Rob Martens to discuss how IoT technology and connectivity are impacting mechanical products and the importance of using these products for security and in secure ways. 

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Highlights from this episode
“There's been an incredible shift in terms of the infusion of basic fundamental technology into what has historically been mechanical products – in many cases, products that you might ignore. So we call it the humble door knob or an exit device or a closer or something like that. And there's some big mega trends that are contributing to this transformation.” – Martens

“We focus on security and safety. So for us, things like access control or asset management or people flow all of a sudden become the discussion points for us rather than simple entry or a departure.” – Martens

“Sometimes early on in the life of the IoT, or Internet of things, people were connecting things just because it sounded interesting to have it connected. Well, there are lots of things to take into consideration with that. One of the biggest jokes in IoT is there is no “s” in IoT referring to security. The security part is missing. Responsible implementation of connected technology is the first thing to keep in mind. In particular for a business like ours that has a security and safety focus.” – Martens
“So a couple of things to keep in mind  is nothing is 100% secure. It's not a question of if it will be hacked; it's a question of when. The way you should judge your IoT device providers is how they respond in those circumstances. So one rule that I have is to buy the devices that have the ability to be upgraded over time.” – Martens


Episode 4: Connecting IoT with AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards

New Crossroads Episode 4On this episode, we sit down with AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards to discuss how connectivity, especially mobile connectivity, and the Internet of Things are impacting, transforming and disrupting industries in Indiana and beyond.

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Highlights from this episode
“We're entering into this whole new era of connecting machines and letting machines communicate with each other and humans." – Soards

"IoT is the Internet of Things, but here locally, we tend to think about the Indiana of Things. IoT is all about connecting the physical infrastructure in the Midwest, especially in Indiana, our economy over the last 100 years is rooted in the physical economy - making things, moving things and growing things. That is the heart of our economy." – Soards

"As we get new technologies for connectivity, I'm asking why. We have 5G; you just explained it offers greater speed, less latency, obviously it's going to let different products be developed when you no longer have that waiting period. What more are we looking for? – Okenfuss

"The real opportunity is the data. We're moving into the data economy, and if you're not exploring how to gather, analyze and put into action that data, your competitor is likely to be doing that." – Soards


Episode 3: Powering IoT with Cummins CIO Sherry Aaholm 

New Crossroads Episode 3On this episode, we sit down with Cummins CIO Sherry Aaholm to discuss the importance of powering IoT and those innovations currently transforming the manufacturing industry.

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Highlights from this episode
“Digital transformation is really important. When I think of digital, I describe it in this way: Taking something physical, capturing digital characteristics about it and then translating that back into a physical experience utilizing that product with your customer or with your employee.” – Aaholm

“We actually have software on that power generation unit that allows us to tell the data center, in real time, the availability of those generators, the fuel in those generators and when they need to be serviced.” – Aaholm

“What we quickly realized is that information is not only valuable to us, but it is incredibly valuable to our customers. If I could begin to tell our customers there was going to be a problem with that engine before that problem occurred, we actually improve their uptime and availability.” – Aaholm


Episode 2: Moving IoT Forward with Wabash National CIO and VP of IT Jamie Lee

New Crossroads Episode 2On this episode, we sit down with Wabash National CIO and VP of IT Jamie Lee to discuss IoT in the logistics and trucking industry and those innovations currently transforming the industry's landscape.

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Highlights from this episode
“With IoT, as a baseline, you have the ability to capture data, bring it home, correlate it and really look for causation and problems—things you might want to go out and solve either on the shop floor or for your end customers.” – Lee

“Many of the customers leveraging IoT-type devices are not going to be able to stay in a silo. The block chain concept will bring companies together. It lifts the transaction up off the main system and puts it out on the internet.” – Lee

“One of the things I look at with IoT and how it’s changing business, is the fact we’re moving away from a product-related business to a service. A lot of the future in business is going to be service related.” – Okenfuss


Episode 1: Talking IoT With ClearObject CEO John McDonald

New Crossroads Episode 1Listen to our debut podcast featuring ClearObject CEO John McDonald and a discussion about how IoT is changing industry and the economy.

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Highlights from this episode
“What all that boils down to is an immense amount of data. And that’s really what the Internet of Things is about: harnessing, capturing and streaming all that data. And that’s what makes the future so exciting.” – McDonald

“One of the things I find fascinating with agriculture…is just the amounts of data...As a lawyer, one of the things that I continue to think about and worry about is the ownership of the data.” – Judy Okenfuss, Ice Miller managing partner and chair of the Firm's IoT Industry Group

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