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Matthew Kelly focuses his practice on providing effective, efficient, and innovative legal healthcare solutions.  He has spent his entire career working with providers from independent nonprofit to major healthcare systems, particularly in the area of senior housing and long-term care.  Matthew’s clients rely on him to analyze complex healthcare operations matters and develop strategic approaches based on immediate and long-term goals. 

To that end, Matthew collaborates closely with other Ice Miller attorneys to advocate for his clients in pre-litigation, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and post-litigation matters, including circuit court, appellate court, and administrative hearing settings.  In addition, Matthew uses his extensive experience navigating these issues to assist clients with implementation of best practices to protect their interests, minimize exposure, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Matthew’s expertise includes many of the unique issues that arise in the senior housing and long-term care realm, including:

  • Considerations and disputes involving various payor situations, such as Medicare/Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay;
  • Resident/patient placement and care disputes;
  • Probate issues, such as guardianship, decedent estates, estate claims, and contested probate litigation; and
  • Third-party authority questions, such as Power of Attorney, guardianship, responsible party, and resident representative.

In developing his experience in the particular issues facing these providers, Matthew has established familiarity with the agencies and tribunals typically involved in determining outcomes for his clients.  The relationships he has forged often help to streamline processes and maximize positive resolutions to otherwise difficult situations.  As a result, he has become a trusted resource in the healthcare industry, being invited to present his expertise at numerous healthcare conferences and conventions.

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