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With over three decades of experience in engineering, business strategy, and law, TC Clare dives deep to reveal the hidden technological and market factors that drive prudent investments in protecting intellectual property. Trained in integrated circuit design at the University of Pennsylvania, in game strategy and portfolio management at Yale University, and in law at Temple University, TC has hands-on experience creating IP departments, managing portfolios of 5,000+ IP assets, and creating patent and know-how arsenals yielding multi-million-dollar licenses and equity events. To grow shareholder returns and exit valuations for technological ventures, TC helps clients identify, prioritize, and protect the ideas that will have the biggest impacts on their future success.

The depth of his technical experience – from DARPA research initiatives to NATO weapons platforms development – combined with his business experience – including engineering management, licensing, mergers, and acquisitions – allows TC to quickly assimilate client technologies and spearhead joint exploration of client strategic horizons and opportunities. The best legal strategies for intellectual property are founded equally in the law, the state of the technology, and the competitive position of the client. TC is at home in all three.

While his legal practice focuses on patents, due to his technology and strategy experience, TC is often called upon to consult in patent, trademark, and contract litigation.
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